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Financial Domination & Femdom Mind Manipulation with Goddess Leesa


Face your financial ruination
An All American Girl with the soul of a Mediterranean Goddess. My Goddess heritage, my sun sign Scorpio and my upbringing as an Italian-American Princess in the shadow of the New York City skyline all made me the strong, confident, take charge woman I am right now. My ability get what I want with my looks, my presence my intellect and my ability to read people took me to where I am today – in your heart, your mind, your soul and your wallet.

I’m NOT your run of the mill “Internet Princess” and I am way past being a brat. Not a college cutie trying to earn tuition — MY education is complete, it’s YOUR EDUCATION (or perhaps your RE-education) that you’ll be financing…hehehe.

A true Dominant & psychological sadist from an early age.  Intelligent, talented, accomplished, and REAL, I just can’t HELP using My Power to exploit you and amuse myself with your antics : )

My Goddess looks will grab your attention but my steel-trap, diabolically creative mind will turn Me into Your New Religion, Your Latest Addiction, Your Wildest Dream & Your Worst Nightmare.

Once I grab hold of you, you are just putty in My hands or clay…ready to be molded & shaped the way I want you.

seduced and charmed by Me
then treated roughly , used
then perhaps comforted after…and born anew

” Yes, yes, please Goddess” – j.

Dominance and Female Supremacy
I’ve always known I was a dominant woman. Early on, it was hard for me to express it and to channel it in a socially acceptable fashion. I was called “bossy” as early as first grade, and I always had a penchant for correcting errant boys and slapping them around when necessary. : P I was extremely bright and an excellent well behaved student – the few incidents in elementary school that landed me in the prinicipal’s office had to do with beating up or harassing boys that I considered out of line or just offensive by their mere presence.

As I matured, I LOVED the control that my budding sexuality and in-your-face feminine form, as well as my manipulative nature, gave me over the boys and I learned to use it to my advantage. Either they loved it and bowed down, or couldn’t handle it and were dismissed real quick. The old “My way or the highway” cliche…

Let’s be clear – I am NOT a Lesbian nor do I hate men. I like men in their proper role.

I simply recognize their inborn inferiority to us females – and I’m here to enjoy it, exploit it and benefit from it.