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Financial Domination & Femdom Mind Manipulation with Goddess Leesa

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Greedy Femme Fatales: So Hot

Their motive – GREED! Their method – murder!

Housework Makes Men Happier

mslorelei: It’s official – housework makes men happier. Scientists at Cambridge University have proved conclusively that doing more housework makes men happier. Professor Jacqueline Scott and her ace team of academics based their research on data from the European Social Study, which surveys 30,000 people in 34 countries. They found that men feel happier and […]

Burlesque Queen Waits On A Call

burleskateer: Dolores Del Raye     …waiting on a phonecall Previously-posted photo, but I found a better version of it.. Call Goddess Leesa live right now!

Phone Fetish Retro Pinup Girl

photo via autelephone Phone fetish retro pinup – circa 1960s Phone domination is so effective for a financial domination diva. The seductive power of the voice and the mind weaken you and allow me to toy with and tease you into total submission. Ready to surrender it all, you beg me to fully drain you. […]

Kim Kardashian Buns

BUNS are back and that’s awesome. No, not those buns, you little pervert! Buns as in hair-dos, up-dos, chignons. Kim’s buns rock in both senses of the word, as do mine. Hair fetish or ass fetish – you are where you belong. Now kneel.

Just who is serving who?

pervertgalore: who is serving who here?

Time IS money.  Thought for today.

autelephone: Julie Newmar meow-phone

moneyisnotimportant: nbcnews: New, high-tech $100 bill coming in October (Photo: HO / AFP – Getty Images) The new $100 bill: Same old face, with some high-tech tweaks meant to thwart counterfeiters. Read the complete story. It’s a specimen, alright… If only Peter Vidani and crew could have a crack at it.

autelephone: Laugh Book Magazine, September 1958.