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Financial Domination & Femdom Mind Manipulation with Goddess Leesa

Phone Fetish Retro Pinup Girl

photo via autelephone Phone fetish retro pinup – circa 1960s Phone domination is so effective for a financial domination diva. The seductive power of the voice and the mind weaken you and allow me to toy with and tease you into total submission. Ready to surrender it all, you beg me to fully drain you. […]

dope-cents-94: True guap. Redeemable by the gold standard

ebonyfinancialdomination: Mistress Eden’s living room Now that’s what I call interior design of a superior kind : )

Why did I not know this TV series existed?

Why did I not know this TV series existed?

I can haz ~ everything ~ ! From: http://cashcats.biz/post/45719691392#_=_

love these old retro comics – I did alter the caption on this one.  “his troubles are just beginning!”  mwah haha

I wish they still made these. Having $100 as the largest denomination of currency is just fostering low expectations. 

Wheres the financial domination blog stuff really happening?

Things are moving along really slowly with the redesign of this site. It was complicated by my computer crashing & other issues. I am updating pretty regularly @ my other femdom blog site. Those posts also get crossposted to LiveJournal so read there if you’re an LJ fan. Why two sites? Well,

UPDATE! Financial Domination Links

Revamped financial domination, femdom & fetish links page is up & running! I just spent, literally, hours boys, getting photos & links to superior humiliation, financial domination, phone & cam domination & BDSM sites. Go there now! Don’t forget to do your Daily Voting while you are there.