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Housework Makes Men Happier

mslorelei: It’s official – housework makes men happier. Scientists at Cambridge University have proved conclusively that doing more housework makes men happier. Professor Jacqueline Scott and her ace team of academics based their research on data from the European Social Study, which surveys 30,000 people in 34 countries. They found that men feel happier and […]

moneyisnotimportant: Does U.S. currency match Monopoly money??? Kind of. It appears that this picture making the rounds today has been slightly enhanced to make the two look more similar. Still, they’re close enough that it’s kinda funny. I mean, if you think about it, the person that was chosen to design the bills could have […]

ebonyfinancialdomination: Mistress Eden’s living room Now that’s what I call interior design of a superior kind : )

mymindasharvey: Love this Marilyn cash.

love these old retro comics – I did alter the caption on this one.  “his troubles are just beginning!”  mwah haha